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Dr David Clubb, Chair

Jenifer Baxter Deputy Chair

Nick Tune, Commissioner

Stephen Brooks, Commissioner

Eluned Parrott, Commissioner

Eurgain Powell Commissioner

Secretariat/Welsh Government

Stuart Ingram, Office of NICW

Nicola Britton, Office of NICW


Helen Armstrong Commissioner

Aleena Khan, Commissioner


1.    Welcome and declarations of interest.

The Chair welcomed commissioners to the meeting with a check-in, celebration of success, declarations and invitations.

Of note were:

  • Steve Brooks declared a professional relationship with Milford Haven Port Authority, to be noted due to the visit to Milford Haven planned for June 2023.
  • 4 Commissioners are planning to attend the launch of the NRW corporate plan on 6 June in the Senedd.
  • Steve Brooks will be meeting the Director of the National Trust to discuss adaptation on the NT estate.
  • The RICs Wales conference on 13 June.  Commissioners were asked to indicate if they could attend.

2.    Housekeeping

It was agreed matters arising would be addressed throughout the meeting.

The action tracker was noted and updated.  Commissioners discussed how they wished to engage with the Welsh Government on the recommendations in the 2020 Digital Report.  It was agreed Welsh Government would be asked to update on taking forward the recommendations.


Invite WG digital team to meet with NICW: Secretariat

3.    Feedback from recent events.

The report from the RTPI event has been circulated and commissioners discussed the possibility to of publishing a NICW opinion piece once published.  The report from the CCW water event is due to be received shortly.


Opinion piece about planning to be considered: Stephen Brooks 

4.    Consultation Reponses

Net Zero Skills was discussed and how it links to project proposals for the forthcoming flood projects.  Commissioners discussed the support required for skilled professionals to retrain; Jenifer Baxter and Nick Tune proposed writing a thought piece and the changing skills environment.

Commissioners discussed a recent meeting with the Welsh Governments energy team on the national grid.  During the meeting NICW suggested the UK government is lobbied to create a subcommittee (under the Energy Security and Net Zero Committee) to specifically consider the National Grid and issues around connectivity and transmission.

Commissioners felt strongly that for future connectivity infrastructure underground lines should be the default.  

Commissioners noted their role is primarily to ensure key stakeholders are engaged with each other with a focus on driving the carbon transition forward.


Develop a thought piece on skills: Jenifer Baxter and Nick Tune

Draft letter to Minister on the National Grid: David Clubb

5.    Futures and 2100 Visioning  

Commissioners confirmed their investment in a training session on futures tools a follow up workshop on developing a 2100 vision. The secretariat will explore options for the Welsh Government futures training offer to be opened up to Commissioners.   The purpose of developing a North Star was discussed and how a statement on purpose could be incorporated in the 2022 annual report. 

and futures training Eluned Parrott and Eurgain Powell updated the group on the status of the Y2 Flood Project and the recommendations from the scoping report for further work were discussed.  


Liaise with WG sustainable futures team on training and resources: Secretariat.

6.    Future Work Programme

There will be a workshop on 15 June with the consultants drafting the renewables report.  

The Year 2 (Y2) flood specifications for the 2 larger projects (catchment planning and are ready to go out to tender.   The smaller projects (resources; planning; skills) are still being finalised but will follow shortly.  The ITTs will be circulated for comment.

The Year 3 work is still being scoped but the primary issue is around engaging communities on the reality of climate change impacts, such as displacement and viability.  The links with both the flood projects and the futures visioning was discussed.

7.    AOB – nil.

The next NICW meeting will take place 27 – 28 June as guests of the Milford Haven Port Authority.