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Dr David Clubb, Chair

Jenifer Baxter Deputy Chair

Nick Tune, Commissioner

Stephen Brooks, Commissioner

Eluned Parrott, Commissioner

Eurgain Powell Commissioner

Helen Armstrong Commissioner

Aleena Khan, Commissioner

Secretariat/Welsh Government

Stuart Ingram, Office of NICW

Nicola Britton, Office of NICW


Jonathan Chitty, Port of Milford Haven (PoMH)

Steve Edwards, PoMH

Anna Malloy, PoMH

Iwan Thomas, Planed

Arwen Williams, Pembrokeshire College

Rachel Moxey, Pembrokeshire County Council

Paul Miller, Pembrokeshire County Council

Jetske Germing Pembrokshire Coastal Forum

Steve Edwards PoMH

Richard Little, RWE

Simon Ames, Dragon LNG

Ben Williams, RWE

Sean Evans, Blue Gem

Stephen Thornton, Valero

Stephen Matthews ERM 
Barry Walters, Pembrokeshire College 

Hayley Williams, Pembrokeshire College 

Dave Worrell, Providence Training 

Martyn Johnson ECITB

Nicola Gandy, PCC (plg) 

Sarah Hirst Pembrokeshire Coast National Park

27 July 2023

Commissioners met and discussed local issues with a variety of stakeholders at a dinner organised by the Milford Haven Port Authority. 

28 July 2023

1.    Welcome and declarations of interest.

The Chair welcomed commissioners to the meeting with a check-in, celebration of success, declarations and invitations.   The Chair attended and spoke at the recent RTPI Cymru conference

2.    Housekeeping

The action tracker was noted and updated.  

Commissioners discussed their current thinking on the National Grid, and concluded they need to continue exploring as part of the process of coming to a view on this multi-faceted complex issue.  

3.    Renewables – feedback from workshop and next steps on report.

Aleena Khan and Nick Tune reported back on the recent workshop Olsights Ltd ran as part of their contract to develop the final report on renewables.  The timeline for completing the project was discussed and it was agreed the chair and deputy chair would meet with Aleena and Nick to further refine the recommendations before a final draft was circulated to the PAG their final comments.

4.    Futures Training

It was agreed a half day overview session with Alistair Waverly would be arranged to be followed by a facilitated session to further develop the 2100 vision.


Arrange half day futures training: Secretariat

5.    Mini-projects

Commissioners suggested building on their futures work to engage more widely with the public sector.  A one day facilitated event with sector specific workshop on long term thinking is to be explored.  In addition, development of an evidence base using climate change scenarios to support year 3 work was also discussed, but as this intersects with the CCRA (Climate change Risk Assessment) a conversation with the Welsh Government’s adaptation lead would be useful before commissioning.


Liaise with WG Adaptation Team on climate change models and the current status of the CCRA

Arranging a long term thinking and infrastructure event in early 2024: Secretariat.

6.    Milford Haven Port Authority Site Visit

Commissioners joined Steve Edwards PoMH Richard Little, RWE Simon Ames, Dragon LNG for a tour of the port facilities at Pembroke Dock.  The current development underway and the opportunities presented by the Celtic Seas Free Port bid were discussed.

7.    Energy Infrastructure

The Chair absented himself from this portion of the meeting.  Attendees as per agenda.

Commissioners met with a variety of energy company representatives for a discussion focusing on What the 'freeport' decision gives the port and the companies that they would otherwise not have got, and what are the wider implications for infrastructure in Wales.  

8.    Skills

Commissioners met with a variety of skills providers in Pembrokeshire, who spoke about the services they offer and some of the barriers experienced by the sector and how they are trying to overcome them.

9.    Year 3 Project discussion 

Helen Anderson and Stephen Brooks updated the group on their current thinking as they want to begin scoping for year 3 by the autumn.  The links with the flooding projects was noted along with the need to factor this in to the work plan, which may impact on timing.  

Pembrokeshire Coastal Forum as noted as a group who could be partnered with to test ideas around stakeholder engagement. 

A call for evidence is still under consideration however an event with key stakeholders (using the Delphi method) may be more practical in view of time constraints.


Speak with the Pembrokeshire Coastal Forum: Steve Brooks and Helen Armstrong

10.    Planning in the National Park

Sarah Hirst and Angharad Llewellyn spoke to commissioners about their work, focusing on TAN 15 and their current experience of coastal retreat.

The next NICW meeting will take place 20 July in Cardiff.