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Net zero skills in Wales

Our aim is to grow a skilled workforce that will support our net zero challenge.

We are working to support the skills needed as we move towards our net zero future.

Our first milestone was to launch our Net Zero Skills Action Plan. This action plan sets out 36 actions across 7 priority areas. This will help identify and deliver the right skills now and in the future, to support our net zero journey.

Net zero skills action plan
Read our action plan and find out how we are developing the skills needed for a net zero future.
Latest updates
Read the latest updates about the net zero skills action plan.
Net zero sector skills consultation
We are seeking views on net zero skills in Wales to build on the evidence captured in the Net zero skills action plan.
Grow and develop your workforce for the future
Find out more about the benefits of investing in green skills and what support is available to you.
Develop your own skills
Discover training opportunities, get help with finding a job or learn how a change of career can support our journey to net zero.
Green personal learning accounts
Find out more about funding for energy, construction, engineering and manufacturing sectors to support upskilling.

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Wales’ success stories so far

Find out more about the great work already taking place across Wales.

Take a look at some of the ways companies are changing, adapting and investing in training and skills….

Robert Price
See how a business is leading the way in raising awareness of new techniques supported by skills and partnerships.
Pendre Farm
See how changing farming practices are being implemented and the learning shared.
Helping to address the skills shortage in offshore wind and the energy sector.

Find out more about net zero skills

What are net zero skills and what do they mean for me?

Net Zero refers to achieving a balance between the amount of greenhouse gas emissions produced and the amount removed from the atmosphere.

As sectors make commitments to change and evolve, they will need a workforce with the right skills to deliver those goals. We will work closely with sectors to understand their pathway to net zero and what this means for skills and jobs. This includes equipping learners and employers with their options for investing in skills.

What are my options for getting involved?

Working in partnerships we want to help you understand what these changes mean and how you can make an informed choice. Over the coming months we will be developing this web content to provide you with practical examples, by sector, highlighting what is available across Wales with a range of options available to you. 

If you would like to get involved in the conversation or ask a question about net zero skills, e-mail us at

How is Wales already supporting net zero skills?

Our range of training programmes are already providing a wide range of opportunities to address skills needs in occupations across many sectors. 

We know jobs will change and skills will evolve and we want to help you with that process.

Our range of case studies are aimed at helping you see what steps employers and individuals are already taking to meet the changing skills demands.

As an employer, why should I invest in new skills for my workforce?

Our economy is changing, and we will all have to adapt the way we work to meet these growing skills requirements. The demand for net zero skills is continuing to grow across Wales and we want to help and support you to grow and train your workforce. Growing the net zero skills base in your workforce will help support you to reach future markets and respond to a fast changing economy. It could help you reduce energy costs and save money in the long-term.

Get involved

If you would like to get involved in the conversation or ask a question about net zero skills, e-mail us at