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Developing the site development of Cwmni Egino (CE).

First published:
7 March 2023
Last updated:

Cwmni Egino (CE) was established in 2021 by Welsh Government to deliver a site development plan for Trawsfynydd, focused on socio-economic growth. Since then, there is increased policy focus on new nuclear power generation as a means of delivering net zero and increasing energy security.

CE have defined their vision for Trawsfynydd to by 2027 be the site of the first small modular reactor under construction in the UK with North Wales recognised as a centre of excellence for low carbon energy.

Securing such developments will bring much needed high-quality jobs and growth opportunities to the Trawsfynydd area, an area that has historically suffered economic challenges that have been further exasperated recently by the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on key sectors such as tourism and hospitality. Typically, many of the well paid, long term employment opportunities are within the engineering sector (for example, Controls & Instrument Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Systems Engineers, Safety Case Engineers and Inspectors).

It estimated there would be a peak in employment in the late 2020s during the construction phase with 2,600 workers on site with a commissioning and operational workforce of approximately 450 on site for the long term from the early 2030s onwards. It is vital that there is timely skills development support available to maximise local and regional opportunities and content in the project as it evolves.