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Building regulations circular

Circular number:    WGC 003/2023

Date issued:    03/11/2023

Status:    For information

Title:    Publication of standards, rules and codes for the building control profession and verification of competence for registration as a Registered Building Inspector

Issued by:    Simon Jones, Building Control Competence & Standards Manager

Addressed to:    

Local Authority Chief Executives
Welsh Local Government Association 
Association of Corporate Approved Inspectors

Please forward to:

Local Authority Building Control Officers
Members of the Senedd


This is a circular letter that introduces the new standards, codes and rules that the building control profession must abide by from April 2024, and third-party verification competence schemes for individuals wanting to be a Registered Building Inspector in Wales.

For further information contact:

Building Regulations Team
Welsh Government Offices
Merthyr Tydfil
CF48 1UZ  

Direct Line:    Tel:    0300 060 4400
Website: building and planning

Notice of approval of codes, standards and rules for the building control profession and competence verification schemes

  1. I am directed by Welsh Ministers to draw your attention to the publication of a suite of codes, standards and rules for the building control profession and third-party verification of competence schemes for prospective Registered Building Inspectors (“RBIs”).

Scope of this Circular Letter 

  1. This Circular letter applies to the building control profession in Wales. 

Notice of new standards, codes and rules for the building control profession

  1. Several new standards, codes and rules documents have been published in Wales
  2. Building inspectors and building control bodies will be required to comply with these from April 2024 under changes to the Building Act 1984, as inserted by the Building Safety Act 2022.
  3. These documents are:
  • Building Inspector Competence Framework ("BICoF")

    The BICoF sets out the necessary skills, knowledge, experience and behaviours required of individuals performing their role as a registered building inspector.
  • Code of Conduct ("CoC")

    The CoC sets out the standards and principles of professional conduct expected of registered building inspectors.
  • Professional Conduct Rules ("PCRs")

    The PCRs set out the principles and standards of professional practices, ethics, and behaviours expected of registered building control approvers ("RBCAs").
  • Operational Standards Rules ("OSRs")

    The OSRs apply to all building control bodies, whether private RBCAs or local authorities, and set out the standards to be met, and practices and procedures to be adopted, in exercising building control functions.
  • OSR Monitoring Arrangements

    The OSR Monitoring Arrangements support the OSRs and contain information on monitoring arrangements, including reportable data and key performance indicators.
  1. In addition, the strategic context for the regulatory framework in Wales has also been published. This demonstrates the connection between the competence of the regulated building control profession and the performance of building control.

Notice of third-party verification of competence schemes for individuals wanting to become Registered Building Inspectors

7.    Registration with the regulatory authority for individual building inspectors and approved inspectors will be mandatory from April 2024 to continue working in the building control profession in Wales, subject to transitional arrangements.

8.    A condition of registration for inspectors will be the verification of each applicant's competence to work in building control as described in the BICoF. The registers for Wales are planned to open in January 2024. Ahead of this, individuals can seek to have their competence verified by a third-party scheme. 

9.    Prospective RBIs can now obtain competence verification from the building control schemes provided by:

10.    By obtaining competence verification through one of these schemes, professionals can take an important step towards registering as an RBI and be ready for the registers opening in Wales.

11.    More information regarding the registration process will be forthcoming soon.


Any enquiries on this Circular Letter should be addressed to:

Building Regulations,
Welsh Government,
Merthyr Tydfil,
CF48 1UZ.

E mail:

Yours faithfully

Neil Hemington 
Chief Planner