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A new support scheme for those facing significant financial hardship as a result of fire safety issues will launch today.

First published:
27 June 2022
Last updated:

Climate Change Minister Julie James confirmed the Leaseholder Support Scheme would open at 10am on Monday, June 27.

The new scheme will provide tailored, independent advice to leaseholders in affected homes.

It is currently targeted at leaseholders who are owner occupiers and those who have become displaced residents, but the Minister confirmed applications would be monitored and eligibility kept under review to ensure ‘those who need support most have access to the scheme’.

The Minister said:

Today, we are launching the Leaseholder Support Scheme which will help those who need support the most.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the external partners and sector experts who have assisted us in developing this scheme at pace.

Their support and hard work have been critical to establishing the right qualifying criteria and support processes.

All leaseholders eligible for this scheme will now receive advice from an Independent Financial Adviser, with the costs fully covered by the Welsh Government.

The advice will support them in making the right choice for them and, if the sale of their property is the right route, the Welsh Government will enable them to sell their property at a fair market value.

Full guidance on the scheme, including the eligibility criteria, will be published on the Welsh Government website at 10am today.

The Minister continued:

Addressing fire safety defects in medium and high-rise buildings must go beyond cladding to make these buildings as safe as they can be.

This has been our premise from the outset and, although it makes identifying, addressing and resolving issues significantly more complex, it is the right approach.

There are no quick or easy fixes, but we cannot compromise on achieving the right, sustainable solutions. 

Anything less leaves the door open to the risk of further issues arising and it is important to me that, once these issues are resolved, they remain resolved.

We must do this properly, to get it right now and for the future.