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Talk about organ donation: Angela Mary Bradley-Kidd

Angela Mary Bradley-Kidd from Manorbier, Tenby has supported organ donation since her son Charlie died.

Angela said:

“I first had to think about organ donation when my son Charlie died in an accident at his friend’s house in 1999, he was just 17. Charlie was in a coma for 4 days, and during that time we were told there was nothing doctors could do to save him. At this point, we started to discuss organ donation, Charlie’s father was very pro organ donation, but I wasn’t as convinced. Charlie was so young when he passed away, it had never crossed my mind to talk to him about what he might have wanted. In the end, Charlie’s friends told me they felt organ donation was what he would have wanted, and I’m so glad they did. Charlie helped five people by donating his heart, liver and kidneys. The youngest recipient was just 5 years old. 

“The next time organ donation came into my life, I didn’t hesitate before agreeing. Last year my partner had a massive stroke, and died within a month. Having not been a sickly person this came as a huge shock, but Stuart had done a lot of fund raising for the organ donation ward at the Queen Elizabeth hospital in Birmingham, so I knew it was his wish to be an organ donor. Stuart was able to donate his liver, kidney, heart valves and heart tissue when he passed away. 

“I'm so proud that both my son and partner were able to donate organs to save someone else’s life. I would love to know how the  recipients’ lives have changed since their transplants. Ultimately, I would tell everyone to 'opt in' to organ donation, it's such an invaluable way to help others, and it’s so important to discuss your decision with your loved ones.”

Your organ donation decision shouldn’t be a guessing game

Make a decision, register it, tell your family.