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3. Role of family and friends

Although you may have registered a decision, your family are always involved in any organ donation conversation. Their role is to support your decision, which is why it is important that you talk to them about your choice.

They will also be able to tell medical staff your decision, even if you had not registered it on the Organ Donor Register.

If organ donation is possible, then healthcare professionals will discuss the matter sensitively with your family.

They will be able to explain if you have registered a decision on the Organ Donor Register.  If that is an opt in your family will be encouraged to accept your decision. Sometimes families don’t go ahead with donation because it can be distressing to talk about at a difficult time, especially if they are unaware of your decision.

You can also appoint a representative who will make a decision about organ donation in the event of your death.

Whatever your decision, make sure you talk to your family and friends about it so that they can support your decision after your death.