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The Valleys Taskforce: Delivering change for the South Wales Valleys

The Valleys is one of Wales’ best kept secrets and should not be defined by its challenges.

Since 2016, the Valleys Taskforce has engaged with and listened to local communities to help develop a strong foundation for change in our Valleys.

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Valleys regional park
We invested £7 million into the Valleys Regional Park to protect and develop our landscapes, green spaces, and natural heritage. Find out more about the Discovery Gateways and how the investment has been used.
Empty homes grant
We invested £12 million into the Empty Homes Grant to help people in the Valleys give old or empty homes a new lease of life.
Alumni scheme
The alumni scheme helps to link students with local role models in the Valleys. Find out how you can set up your own scheme using our Toolkit.
Big Bocs Bwyd
We invested £100,000 into the Big Bocs Bwyd project in the Valleys Taskforce area to provide affordable priced food to families in the community who may need support.
Foundational economy
We have invested £2.4m in 27 projects across the valleys to understand better how to support the everyday economy of local communities.
Transforming towns
Local authorities within the Valleys Taskforce areas were invited to apply for up to £3m funding to support their smaller town centres with COVID-19 recovery.
Remote working spaces
These spaces will test the concept of remote working and feed into the overall Welsh Government ambition of seeing around 30% of workers working from, or near to home. Find out how you can influence where a remote working space will be near you.

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