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Jeremy Miles, the Minister for Education and Welsh Language, has announced an extra £191,000 in funding to support Mudiad Meithrin, including funding to help restart parent and toddler groups, Cylch Ti a Fi.

First published:
2 February 2022
Last updated:

Parent and toddler groups like Cylch Ti a Fi play an important role in supporting parent and child wellbeing. The funding will enable Mudiad Meithrin to support as many groups as possible to meet safely, as Covid restrictions ease. The groups have been unable to meet as they normally would due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Cylch Ti a Fi groups provide an opportunity for families and children to enjoy playing together in an informal Welsh atmosphere, regardless of Welsh language ability. The groups provide an opportunity for families to use more Welsh with their children and help nurture new Welsh speakers.

Funding will also be used to support and expand the Cam wrth Gam programme, which provides childcare courses for year 10 – 13 pupils in secondary schools. Cam wrth Gam supports the Welsh Government’s commitment to expand Welsh language early years provision, by contributing to the development of qualified staff for Welsh-medium childcare.

The funding is in addition to over £3million the Welsh Government currently provides to Mudiad Meithrin to lead the expansion of Welsh-medium childcare provision across Wales as well as planning the workforce needed to support it. Through its groups and initiatives, Mudiad Mudiad supports families and children from birth to school. Cylch Ti a Fi groups play an important part in that early introduction to Welsh, shaping friendships and parental support networks that last beyond the group itself.

Jeremy Miles said:

This announcement will give families more opportunities to benefit from the fantastic work of Mudiad Meithrin. Cylch Ti a Fi groups are a great way to use more Welsh at home, even if it’s only a few words. Welsh belongs to us all, no matter our ability.

Groups like Cylch Ti a Fi are crucial to parent and child wellbeing. I’m delighted to see them restart as COVID-19 restrictions ease.

The Deputy Minister for Social Services, Julie Morgan said:

Mudiad Meithrin do a great job at promoting the Welsh language and encouraging children and their parents to develop and use their language skills. This funding will provide children with continued support and more opportunities to strengthen their social, emotional and physical well-being through Welsh language play groups such as Ti a Fi.

I am thrilled Mudiad Meithrin will soon be able to re-start some of the fantastic programmes they offer families.

Dr Gwenllian Lansdown Davies, Mudiad Meithrin CEO, said:

At Mudiad Meithrin our vision is for every child in Wales to be able to play and learn through the medium of Welsh. Therefore we are extremely grateful for this extra funding which will help us to re-open our Cylchoedd Ti a Fi – our Welsh-medium community groups for parent/carer and their young children which have been unable to meet indoors for the best part of these last two years.  

We are also looking forward to expanding our Cam wrth Gam Schools Scheme so that more schools will be able to offer Welsh language early years courses that we offer on various levels. This will help to develop and recruit a much-needed qualified workforce that’s vital to support expansion in Welsh-medium early years provision where new Welsh speakers will be nurtured from a very young age.