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The work will maintain access from the industrial estate to Pant road.

First published:
15 September 2021
Last updated:
Map showing pant industrial estate junction plan
Map showing planned work at Pant industrial estate

What we’re doing

  • building a temporary car park 
  • realigning the Pant industrial estate access road
  • building a viaduct
  • moving utilities
  • building access roads
  • installing drains
  • putting up fences

We will replace the Pant viaduct with a new bridge. We will realign the road from Pant road to the Pant industrial estate to accommodate this new bridge.

Current progress

We have:

  • built a temporary roundabout that replaces the junction at Pant
  • installed protection slabs for utilities
  • built a temporary car park to move Merthyr Motor Auctions out of the way of the new works
  • cleared vegetation
  • put up temporary fencing
Works at Pant industrial estate
Works at Pant industrial estate

Next steps

  • we will build a new road bridge to realign Pant industrial estate side road to the north of the proposed Pant road underbridge
  • build a retaining wall at Rocky Road
  • early 2022 to summer 2022: we will widen the existing road embankment to the south of the existing A465 between Pant industrial estate and Pant road.
  • early 2022 to summer 2022: we will realign the A465 to the south and allow work on the eastbound carriageway to the north
  • from spring 2022: we will build the new Pant road bridge in two halves. The first half will be built to the north of the existing bridge. When it is complete we will move traffic onto it. This will allow the old bridge to be knocked down. The southern half of the new bridge will then be built.

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