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A range of resources to support parents and those looking after small children.

Practical tips and expert advice

Supporting advice

We have created activity sheets and games that you can download and take anywhere with you, information sheets to help you with specific behaviours or concerns and general advice and guidance as your little ones go through different stages.

Our range of fun activity sheets can be downloaded free to help you to entertain your little ones. They range from sheets to help to avoid tantrums when shopping or on a car journey, to scavenger hunts and sing-alongs. We also have resources for specific events like Mother’s Day and Christmas.

We have also included a number of useful guides to support you with the wider challenges of parenting from childcare costs to concerns about speech and language development.

Our resources have been created with key professionals and experts working with children. They are simple and clear sources of advice for tackling those behaviours that you may find challenging, from tantrums and biting to potty training and fussy eating.

My helping hand

A simple guide to support your child if they are being bullied.

Leaf identification guide

A fun guide to help identify autumn leaves and a way to make an afternoon outing more of an adventure.

My school day morning checklist

Morning checklist to help with a free stress-free start to the day.

My school bag checklist 

A free checklist that you can print and pin up to help your children to learn how to pack their school bag.

Summer holiday weekly planner 

Help to organise your days with our fun weekly planner.

Morning routine for school reward chart 

Encourage your little ones to get used to their morning school routine with this handy reward chart.

What shape am I?

A fun colouring sheet to keep them entertained and to help with their shapes.

My after school checklist

A guide to help your child understand how to help out after school.

My brushing teeth chart

Here is a fun chart to help your little ones remember to brush their teeth every day.

Summer time colouring sheets

Ask your little ones to colour them in with some bright summer colours.

Animal Families

Your little ones will love our Animal Families downloadable activity sheet, which asks them to match the animals with their babies.

A gift for Mothers Day

Here is a template of a beautiful floral card that can be printed and coloured in to help your little ones show you how much they care on this special day.

Top 7 ways to your toddler's heart this Valentine's Day

Here are some ideas to help you to enjoy Valentine’s Day with your little ones

Scavenger hunt

Here is a checklist of all the things you might see on a visit to the park. Give it a try!

My journey

Here’s a helpful game to play when you are out and about in the car. Give it a try!

Welsh alphabet poster

A simple poster to encourage learning Welsh from a young age.

Bed time colouring sheet

A fun colouring sheet that can be used to help little ones wind down before bedtime.


A helpful placemat to make mealtime fun.

Shopping list

There are lots of interesting things in the shops, see how many you can spot.

Santa and Rudolph's festive placemat

A special placemat that can be downloaded and personalised with spaces to put down carrots for Rudolph and a mince pie and glass of milk for Santa.

Christmas Carol: The 12 days of Christmas

Here’s a quick and easy way to help your children with their counting skills while also getting in the festive spirit.

My letter to Santa

A template to help your little ones write their very important letters to Santa.