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Practical tips and expert advice

Supporting your children when a parent goes to prison
Advice sheet on supporting children when a parent goes to prison

Supporting advice

Family Lives – Stepfamilies
Childline – Family Relationships
Childline – Friends
Childline – Helping a Friend  
Childline – Homelessness
Barnardo’s – Homelessness
Action for Children - How can I help if my child feels lonely?
Childline – Feeling Lonely
Young Minds – Loneliness
Family Lives – Peer Pressures  
Barnardo’s – Resisting Peer Influence  
Young Minds – Young Carers
Barnardo’s – Support and Advice for Families with Young Carers
MEIC Cymru – Helpline support for Children and Young People up to age 25  
Care for the Family – Top Tips for Parenting in a Stepfamily