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Supporting Advice

Trauma Informed Schools UK - Ways to speak to children about events in Ukraine
Action for Children – How can I help my child deal with their emotions?
Action for Children – Mental Health and Wellbeing
Action for Children - What can I do if my child is self-harming?  
Action for Children - My child is having suicidal thoughts  
Action for Children - How can I help when my child feels anxious?
NSPCC – Children’s Mental Health  
Family Lives – Building Resilience in Children and Teens  
Family Lives – Self Harm  
Anna Freud – Anxiety  
Hwb -     Young Person’s Mental Health Toolkit  
Young Minds – Guide to Trauma  
Young Minds – Bipolar Disorder
Young Minds – Depression
Young Minds – PTSD  
Young Minds – Suicidal Thoughts  
Young Minds – Mental Health Conditions  
Young Minds – Schizophrenia
Childline – Depression
Childline – Types of Mental Health Issues  
Childline – Coping with Stress
Childline – PTSD
Childline – Hearing Voices
Childline – Mental Health Support
Papyrus UK - Prevention of young suicide