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‘Give it Time’ – Tips for guiding children’s behaviour

All children are unique and respond differently. These ideas will encourage positive behaviour and boost your child’s confidence.

Here are five ideas that have been shown to work to help you develop a good relationship with your child.

These ideas will also encourage positive behaviour, boost your child’s confidence and support them during each stage of their development.

All children are unique and will respond differently. If you try these ideas together and give them enough time to work they should help you manage your child’s behaviour better. Don’t give up if things don’t get better straight away. It will take time to adjust to your new approach, so try to be patient and positive. If you keep going you both should see an improvement.

All parents find some behaviour difficult to manage and all children show difficult behaviour some of the time. It’s not easy to change the way you do things. Nobody gets it right all the time so don’t be too hard on yourself – nobody is perfect.

Remember your child isn’t perfect either. A lot of the behaviour you may think of as naughty may actually be normal for your child's age and stage of development.