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3. National park authorities

A park authority can also pay a senior salary to its chair, deputy chair and up to two committee chairs. 

The basic salary of national park member is £4,964. 

A chair’s salary is £13,764.

A deputy chair or committee chair’s salary is £8,704. 

Elected members who receive a band 1 or 2 senior salary from a principal council cannot receive a salary from a national park authority.

National park authority members are also entitled to claim for any travel or subsistence costs they incur when on official business, and can also claim for the reimbursement of costs of childcare or care (RoCoC) of a dependant adult. 


National park authorities must maintain an annual schedule of member remuneration detailing the payments it will make to its members in the coming municipal year. This information must be published by 31st July each year, and made available to the Independent Remuneration Panel for Wales and the general public. 

The Independent Remuneration Panel for Wales has issued a pro forma which can be used by national park authorities to produce a schedule of member remuneration.