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Current timescales and guidance for DNS applications.

First published:
5 March 2024
Last updated:

PEDW continues to face significant workload pressures. This applies to the range of applications, appeals and other work that we are responsible for. This is affecting our ability to progress our casework at the pace we would want to.

In recent months, PEDW has experienced a significant uplift in the number of DNS applications. We expect this stream of submissions will continue throughout 2024.

This means there are likely to be delays to the acceptance and starting of DNS applications. In most cases we will not meet the standard 4 and 6 week turnaround times for acceptance of non-EIA and EIA applications.

To help us manage our resources, DNS applications must proceed based on the availability of Inspector resource. We will only start examining DNS cases when an appropriate Inspector can be appointed. 

This means that the time taken to start individual cases will vary. We will endeavour to provide: 

  • realistic updates to applicants at the point of submission
  • expected start dates once they are known.

We are working hard to build our resource by recruiting new Inspectors and adopting new ways of working. However it will likely be some time before these efforts come to fruition.

In the meantime, applicants can assist us by:

  • providing regular updates in the lead up to their submission (so we can plan effectively)
  • ensuring they follow our guidance on how to submit the application. (This will help us avoid unnecessary administration on issues such as missing documents and unworkable electronic file sizes).

We thank you for your patience while we strive to improve our service delivery.