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Period Proud Wales

Periods are natural. They are not a choice. We all either have them, have had them, or know people who do.

Periods are not just a ‘women’s issue’, they are not dirty and they are definitely not something to be ashamed of.

No-one should be at a disadvantage because of their period.

Why we want to end period poverty

Getting rid of period poverty means ensuring that having a period does not lead to:

  • missed education
  • absences from employment
  • withdrawal from sport and social activities

Silence, stigma and taboos about periods have been the norm for too long. Women, girls and people who menstruate should not be deprived from accessing the support and products they need.

What does being Period Proud mean to you?

Hear of people's experiences of their periods:

Listen to people sharing their personal experiences:

Where can I find out more about periods?

Check out Bloody Brilliant, a source of knowledge, support, information, for young people.

By providing information about period health and opening up the conversation we want to:

  • help generations of young people not to suffer in silence through fear of speaking out
  • improve wider understanding about what is normal when it comes to periods

Where can I access free products?

To find out where you can access free products in your area, contact your local authority.


We have worked with Keep Wales Tidy Eco Schools to provide resources to promote open discussion with young people.

Aimed primarily at secondary schools, the resources includes information about:

  • sustainable alternatives to single use period products
  • the impact these product can have on the environment

Which may also be of use to community groups.

Download the Busting the Myths resource surrounding periods and period products.

Our plan for a Period Proud Wales

We want to change the silence, stigma and taboo about periods that have been the norm for too long. Everyone should be able to manage their periods with pride.

Together with schools, colleges, universities, community groups, youth groups, campaigners, employers and councils, our aim is to create a #PeriodProudWales for all.

Read our plan for a Period Proud Wales

Find out more about how we can create a Period Proud Wales.