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1. National headline figures

These statistics show the latest number of PPE items which have been issued to the health and social care system in Wales.

Main results

  • Since 9 March 2020, the NHS Wales Shared Services Partnership (NWSSP) has issued just under 280 million items of PPE to the health and social care sectors in Wales. Over 131 million of these were issued to the social care sector.
  • In the seven days to Sunday 16 August 2020 over 13 million items were issued.
Table 1: Number of PPE items issued, up to 16 August 2020
Item Since 9 March 2020 In the seven days to 16 August 2020
Aprons 53,099,925 3,316,425
Body bags 7,988 4
Eye protector 1,603,283 525
Type I and Type II masks 550,000 43,500
Type IIR masks 74,389,392 2,945,606
FFP2 masks 83,230 0
FFP3 masks 1,641,787 43,970
Face visors 2,318,482 99,886
Fit test kits and spares 4,823 30
Gloves 140,374,650 6,807,400
Gloves cuff 1,018,100 2,900
Gowns (fluid-resistant) 988,319 12,980
Gowns (other) 271,138 15,736
Hand sanitiser 201,511 6,538
Hand wipes 3,288,400 155,050
Respirator filters 22,176 0
Respirator hoods 100 0
Total 279,863,304 13,450,550

Source: NHS Wales Shared Services Partnership

The reporting of PPE items issued is based on individual units, except for:

  • gloves where a unit is reported based on the unit size of a pack
  • hand sanitiser where the unit is a bottle regardless of size

Respirator filters and respirator hoods have been added to this list of personal protective items issued as part of the pandemic response.

2. Quality and methodology information

This data is management information provided to the Welsh Government by the NHS Wales Shared Services Partnership (NWSSP). NWSSP procures and distributes PPE for the health and social care sectors in Wales on behalf of the Welsh Government. We are publishing this to provide a weekly summary of PPE items issued while it remains relevant to the response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. This data has not undergone the same level of quality assurance as official statistics and the data may be subject to future revisions.

Data includes stock issued from NWSSP only and does not include any stock procured directly by the NHS or local authorities. The data will include PPE procured directly by NWSSP as well as PPE distributed to NWSSP by the UK Government. It reflects a snapshot at a point in time of a dynamic position.

This release reports on PPE items issued since 9 March 2020 as this represents the point at which the current reporting arrangements were established.

Data included in this release is correct at 8pm on 16 August 2020.

National Statistics status

These statistics are not National Statistics. However, as far as has been practicable, they have been collected and validated in accordance with the pillars and principles within the Code of Practice for Statistics. We continue to develop the data collection and quality assurance process to improve the data.

These statistics have been produced quickly in response to developing world events.

Well-being of Future Generations Act

The Well-being of Future Generations Act 2015 is about improving the social, economic, environmental and cultural wellbeing of Wales. The Act puts in place seven wellbeing goals for Wales. These are for a more equal, prosperous, resilient, healthier and globally responsible Wales, with cohesive communities and a vibrant culture and thriving Welsh language. Under section (10)(1) of the Act, the Welsh Ministers must (a) publish indicators ('national indicators') that must be applied for the purpose of measuring progress towards the achievement of the wellbeing goals, and (b) lay a copy of the national indicators before the National Assembly. The 46 national indicators were laid in March 2016.

Information on the indicators, along with narratives for each of the well-being goals and associated technical information is available in the Well-being of Wales report.

Further information on the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015.

The statistics included in this release could also provide supporting narrative to the national indicators and be used by public services boards in relation to their local wellbeing assessments and local wellbeing plans.

Next update

This is currently a weekly statistical release. It will be published at 09:30am every Thursday. We will review the frequency in line with changing user need.

The next release will be on Thursday 27 August.

We want your feedback

We welcome any feedback on any aspect of these statistics which can be provided by email to

3. Contact details

Statistician: Abi Woodham
Telephone: 0300 025 1053

Media: 0300 025 8099

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