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On 1 October the staff and functions of Planning Inspectorate Wales will transfer to Welsh Government.  The new division will be called Planning and Environment Decisions Wales.

Whilst the name of the organisation is new, Planning Inspectorate Wales’ Inspectors and support staff will transfer to Welsh Government to carry out these functions.  Robust governance arrangements have been established to ensure that Inspectors continue to determine appeals and other casework with the same objectivity and impartiality as before. 

The transition will involve the transfer of existing cases to a new casework processing system and to assist the transfer of data we will not be starting new appeals or other cases received after 16 September. 

You will not be able to submit an appeal via the Appeals Casework Portal (ACP) after 16 September but we will accept appeals and other casework by e mail and post.

You will not be able to submit statements/evidence via the ACP after 16 September but we will accept submissions by e mail and post.  

If you submit an appeal or other case to us after 16 September, the date of submission will be accepted as the date the appeal is made in relation to the statutory deadlines for submitting appeals and other cases.  Your appeal/case will be started as soon as possible after we have transferred to Planning and Environment Decisions Wales.

We will continue working on existing cases from 16 September to 29 September.  Following a week or so training on our new systems, we will resume on 11 October.

The change of casework systems will result in a change to your case reference number but you will be informed what the new number is and where to see all the documentation as soon as possible after the transfer.

The Welsh Government is the Data Controller for the Planning Inspectorate Wales at present and will remain Data Controller once this move into the Welsh Government has been completed.