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Plans are in place to deal with the potential impact of winter storms on HGVs travelling to and from Anglesey while there are weight restrictions on the Menai Suspension bridge.

First published:
6 October 2022
Last updated:

In severe storms, when the wind exceeds a certain speed, the Britannia Bridge is closed to high-sided vehicles. Vehicles are normally diverted to the Menai Suspension Bridge, however this will not be possible while weight restrictions are in place.

The closure of the Britannia Bridge to high-sided vehicles only happens in exceptional circumstances. In the last five years, the bridge has been closed to high-sided vehicles on average seven times a year.

The plans have been discussed with partners including UK Highways, NMWTRA, North Wales Police and the local authorities. The aim is to ensure that HGV drivers are informed of high winds in advance and can wait in a safe place for the bridge to reopen if needs be, while not affecting the A55 carriageway and the local area.

In the event of wind speeds exceeding the safe limit for HGVs and they are no longer able to cross Britannia Bridge, HGVs on the mainland travelling to Anglesey will be advised to stop and pull over in a safe location along the A55, such as lay-bys service stations or parking spaces, and wait for restrictions to be lifted. 

HGVs on Anglesey will be re-directed to Parc Cybi, Plot 9 parking facility to wait for the restrictions to be lifted. VMS signage will be activated to inform drivers of closures.

Traffic Wales will also provide regular updates on Twitter, Traffic Wales North & Mid (@TrafficWalesN) / Twitter and via their website, Traffic Wales.

There is currently a weight restriction on the Menai Bridge of 7.5T until the bridge hangers are replaced. This work, which is being carried out by UK Highways, is due to begin on the bridge next year.

Unfortunately, the work cannot be brought forward due to the availability of materials and manufacturing timeframes. The work will be completed in the shortest time possible to minimise disruption.

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