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Guidance for settings who offer out of school and holiday provision on the playwork qualifications deadline.

First published:
20 September 2022
Last updated:

What is the September 2022 deadline? 

By 30 September 2022 settings which offer out of school and holiday provision should ensure that an appropriate proportion of staff are suitably qualified with a playwork qualification. This does not apply to Childminders.

The National Minimum Standards (NMS) outline the requirement for childcare and playwork staff to hold qualifications appropriate to their post.  The NMS also sets out the proportion of staff who should hold particular qualifications.

Who does this requirement apply to?

This requirement applies to both:

  • Full day care settings who offer out of school and holiday provision
  • Settings who provide standalone out of school and holiday provision

What are the requirements?

Full day care settings- playwork qualifications are required by an appropriate proportion of staff involved in the care of school aged children, depending on the arrangements in the individual setting (in addition to any required childcare qualifications)

Standalone out of school /holiday provision and open access playwork- a playwork qualification

The qualification flowchart outlines the qualifications required. 

Where has this requirement come from?

Qualification requirements are set out in the National Minimum Standards

Changes to the requirements have been provided via circular and reminder letters

The extended deadline of 30 September 2022 was to allow time for those settings to secure the required playwork qualifications.

What happens if my staff/setting cannot meet the September 2022 deadline?

Day care settings unable to meet the deadline will not have to close or reduce their services providing that they are a competent service and have a plan in place agreed with the Care Inspectorate Wales (CIW) for achieving the necessary qualifications.

Any concerns should be discussed with CIW.

Support and advice is also available from your relevant membership/umbrella organisation:

Play Wales

Clybiau Plant Cymru Kids' Clubs

Early Years Wales

Mudiad Meithrin

National Day Nurseries Association Wales.

Settings should continue to support staff to achieve the necessary qualifications beyond September 2022.

Support to access the required training is also available.