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First Minister Carwyn Jones issues stark warning to Theresa May as Brexit deadline looms.

First published:
29 September 2018
Last updated:

This was published under the 2016 to 2021 administration of the Welsh Government

With 6 months to go until the UK leaves the EU, First Minister Carwyn Jones has said the Prime Minister must stop misleading the public with false Brexit claims.

The First Minister said:

“Prime Minister Theresa May’s claim that the only choice the UK has is between the Chequer’s deal or ‘no deal’ is completely false – and peddling this myth is damaging to democracy.

“It is hugely irresponsible to force people to choose between a disastrous hard Brexit and a catastrophic ‘no deal’. Insisting the country is stuck between a rock and a hard place heightens tensions and causes confusion at a time when we need cool heads and conversations.

“My government has shown there is another way that would protect jobs and our economy and which is compatible both with the result of the referendum and the EU’s negotiating position.”

The Welsh Government has published evidence based proposals based on the UK’s continued participation in the Single Market and customs union. Securing Wales’ Future, published in January 2017, is a credible, evidence-based blueprint for negotiations that can deliver for all parts of the United Kingdom.

“Only by securing full and unfettered access to the Single Market and by agreeing a customs union can we protect Welsh jobs and our economy.

“A ‘No deal’ Brexit would leave the UK poorer, isolated internationally and more divided at home. It would cause huge disruption and long-lasting damage to all parts of the UK. It is not an option and to claim otherwise is a deception. It would be a catastrophic failure of the UK government that would only satisfy a small cabal of fanatical Brexiteers who are hell-bent on undermining the social and environmental protections we enjoy and careless of destroying our links with our most important trading partner.

“With just 6 months to go, the Prime Minister needs to put the interests of the country ahead of her party and work with the EU to reach an agreement that protects the prosperity and well-being of people across the UK.”