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Information to help health boards and local authorities plan for the implementation of the new safeguards.

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First published:
1 August 2022
Last updated:


On 5 April 2023, UK Government stated the laws needed to bring about the Liberty Protection Safeguards would not be brought forward. Welsh Government issued a Written Statement setting out disappointment at this decision. The Written Statement sets out the actions that will be taken by Welsh Government given this decision by the UK Government.

Written Statement: Update on the implementation of the Liberty Protection Safeguards (5 April 2023) | GOV.WALES

Welsh Government will continue to work with stakeholders to improve services for those who lack mental capacity. This will help to prepare for any future decision by UK Government to make the necessary reforms noted in the Mental Capacity (Amendment) Act 2019.

We recently consulted on liberty protection safeguards. These will help to protect the rights of people who lack the mental capacity to agree to their care, support and treatment. The information will help stakeholders prepare for the implementation of the safeguards.