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One of the key aims of the Procurement Bill is to embed transparency by default throughout the commercial lifecycle.

First published:
13 July 2023
Last updated:

To achieve this aim, a new noticing regime is being introduced which will require contracting authorities to publish additional notices at different stages of the procurement lifecycle.

The Welsh Government has developed a flowchart to help stakeholders across the Welsh public sector understand which notices are required at different stages of the procurement lifecycle, and whether the notices are mandatory, optional or required in certain circumstances. This flowchart compliments the pre-implementation checklist that was published last October, in particular to identifying how and where existing internal processes and systems might need to be adapted to incorporate these new requirements.

Also, Welsh Government is working with stakeholders to prepare Welsh public sector procurement systems ahead of the proposed changes to maximise automation of the noticing regime and minimise potential resource impacts by reducing the manual input of data as much as possible. We will provide further updates as this work progresses.