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A multi-award-winning framework providing stationery and copier paper to the Welsh public sector in partnership between the Welsh Government and Lyreco has proved how procurement can impact the local economy.

First published:
2 May 2024
Last updated:

As well as providing stationery to the Welsh public sector, the £5 million per year framework delivers 6 socially responsible well-being programmes that deliver against the Well Being of Future Generation priorities and help to keep the Welsh pound in Wales.

Lyreco delivers well-being schemes through the framework and has worked with the companies they buy from to ensure that goods are manufactured in Wales. By developing commercial solutions and adding Welsh manufacturers including social enterprises, (a business with social objectives), to the supply chain, the framework has created local jobs for local people.

This has also helped reduce waste and energy use, so it delivers on the Welsh Government’s commitments to net zero.

Angharad Simmonds, a Senior Category Manager at the Welsh Government, said:

“A career in public sector procurement, where you buy goods or services for government, can make a huge difference in Wales.

“Using the bulk buying power of the Welsh public sector I’ve been able to work with suppliers to help them create jobs, apprenticeships, and environmental benefits while investing their money in our local businesses and communities. It’s so rewarding to see such tangible benefits as a result.”