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We are working with the UK government (UKG) to develop the new public procurement regime, which is expected to go live in 2023 at the earliest.

First published:
28 February 2022
Last updated:

The UKG has indicated that the Procurement Reform Bill will be introduced later this year.

The UKG is developing a learning and development programme which will be rolled out across the public sector. The programme will support stakeholders operating under the new regime and online guidance will be provided.

The current plans, subject to funding, include 3 types of training. They are:

"Knowledge drop" webinars

  • Webinars and recordings for those who need to have a foundation level of understanding about what is changing

Self-guided e-learning

  • A programme of around 10 hours’ online learning intended to provide knowledge and understanding of the reformed regulatory regime. This is the core training product, designed to provide Contracting Authorities with all the essential information about what is changing.
  • There will be a certification module for learners to undertake after completing the full online programme, so that learners can demonstrate their newly acquired knowledge.

Deep dive webinars

  • This training will be aimed at procurement leaders within an organisation. It will focus on the behavioural and cultural changes required to fully exploit the new regime and dig into some of the significant aspects of the changes in more detail.
  • Once completed, the procurement leaders would be their organisation's expert super-users, and play a role in cascading knowledge and understanding through the organisation and into the wider procurement community.

We are working closely with the UK government on the development of its learning proposals, and will need to adapt certain elements to reflect the Welsh procurement landscape.

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