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March 2024 update on procurement legislation.

First published:
5 March 2024
Last updated:

Changes to procurement legislation in Wales – Learning and Development timelines 

To prepare stakeholders for the introduction of the new Procurement Act 2023, which will regulate the way that public procurements are undertaken in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, an extensive range of Learning & Development (L&D) offerings will be available to stakeholders in the lead up to the new regime going live in October 2024. 

This L&D programme aims to support everyone operating within the new regime will include: 

  • Short Knowledge Drop videos for all stakeholders, including suppliers, VCSEs and SMEs
  • Focused eLearning 
  • Intensive Deep Dive learning 

The L&D has been designed for those who operate in a public sector procurement or commercial function. Welsh Government will supplement the UK Government’s core eLearning with six additional eLearning modules that will focus on the wider legislative landscape in Wales.

Further information about the training timelines and offerings is available below.