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September 2023 update on procurement legislation.

First published:
5 September 2023
Last updated:

Secondary legislation consultation

Both public consultations on the secondary legislation for the Procurement Bill have ended, and we want to thank everyone that has taken the opportunity to comment on this detailed and technical consultation. 

We are currently analysing the feedback and will issue our consultation response in due course. 

Learning and development (L&D)

The procurement landscape in Wales is changing and both the Welsh Government and UK government are producing an extensive range of learning and development (L&D) products to prepare stakeholders for the legislative changes.

The Welsh Government will supplement UK government’s training for the Procurement Bill with bilingual learning products that focus on Welsh priorities and the wider changes to procurement legislation in Wales, including the requirements under the Social Partnership and Public Procurement (Wales) Act 2023 and the Health Services Procurement (Wales) Bill.

We have produced a short pre-recorded webinar to give an overview of:

  • The changing legislative landscape in Wales
  • The L&D products that will be made available to Welsh contracting authorities by both the Welsh Government and UK government
  • Communication channels between UK government, Welsh Government and Welsh stakeholders in relation to the L&D programme
  • How Welsh contracting authorities can prepare for the L&D offerings
  • Additional sources of information

The presentation can be accessed here. A 2-page summary of Welsh Government’s training products has also been developed for ease of reference.

If you have any queries please email