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The Professional Teaching Awards Cymru honours the achievements of teachers up and down the country.

Nominations for 2021 are now closed.

Award winners will be announced at a ceremony on 10 July 2022.


There are 10 Professional Teaching Awards, all of which are nominated for by the public. Use the definitions below to help you decide which category is most appropriate for your nomination.

  • Headteacher of the Year

Awarded to an individual who can demonstrate that they are able to inspire others.  An exceptional Headteacher who can demonstrate the ability to engage the school in the community and community in school to make a difference for every learner. Also, provide evidence of supporting colleagues in other schools.

  • Inspirational use of the Welsh Language

This award is for teachers or other staff who have inspired pupils and colleagues in their school to use and enjoy the Welsh language. Nominees could work in English medium, bi-lingual and Welsh medium schools. They could use classroom learning, collaboration with colleagues and outside bodies or other innovative approaches.

  • Outstanding New Teacher

This award is reserved for teachers who are in their second or third year of teaching. Awarded to an individual who demonstrates enthusiasm and excellent classroom methods to support pupils’ learning and produce outstanding results. Whilst showing early leadership qualities they have commitment to their own professional development for the benefit of pupils. They demonstrate collaborative techniques and a desire for innovation to promote effective learning.      

  • Teacher of the Year in a Primary School

Awarded to an individual that displays the qualities of an exceptional primary school teacher. Providing evidence of care, compassion and enthusiasm for teaching. Evidence of being an excellent role model for the younger generation and relentless in getting higher standards and has an impact on all their pupils’ learning.

  • Pupil (or Pupils') Award for Best Teacher

This award is designed for a pupil (or group of pupils) past or present to nominate a teacher or other member of staff who has made a huge difference to their life in school.

  • School Business Manager/Bursar

Awarded to those who demonstrate the ability to manage and drive the school agenda to support school management. Display leadership and innovative thinking qualities to deliver results for their school.

  • Supporting Teachers and Learners

Awarded to those who have provided outstanding support and had an exceptional impact on the teaching and learning in the school.

  • Teacher of the Year in a Secondary School

Awarded to an individual that displays the qualities of an exceptional secondary school teacher. Providing evidence of care, compassion and passion for their subject. Evidence of being an excellent role model for the younger generation and relentless in getting higher standards and has an impact on all their pupils’ learning.

  • Youth Work in Schools and the Community

Awarded to those who have provided outstanding youth work in a school setting and had an exceptional impact on the lives of young people in the school.

  • The Betty Campbell MBE award for promoting the contributions and perspectives of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Communities

Awarded to an individual, team or school that has demonstrated an excellent awareness of the importance of an inclusive education as part of a society that confronts and addresses racism, and can evidence the delivery of clear outcomes.

How to nominate

The easiest way to nominate is via our online form. You can save your progress and submit once you’re happy. You will get an automatic email receipt after you’ve completed the form.

If you would prefer to complete a nomination form offline, please email with your contact details and the category that you wish to nominate for.

Who can you nominate

  • Nominees can include qualified teachers and support/youth work staff of pupils from the age of 3-18 in maintained school settings.
  • All full-time, part-time and peripatetic teachers, business managers/bursars and teaching assistants from every subject and activity area are eligible for nomination, including teaching and non-teaching heads, in maintained settings.
  • A nominee who has retired or will retire before the end of April 2022 may not be nominated for an award.
  • The Awards cannot accept posthumous nominations or nominations for retired practitioners.
  • Individuals may not nominate themselves for an award.
  • The Professional Teaching Awards Cymru shall be permitted to exclude any nominee at any time at its sole discretion.

Tips for nominating

  • Type your nomination in a Word document first. This will make it easier to check and correct your nomination before copying and pasting into the form. This will save time and allow you to convey your message more clearly.
  • If you don’t know the person you are nominating personally, supply as much detail as you can, including contact details where possible.
  • Select the correct category. Think about what type of activity and/or roles in which they have excelled.
  • Give good examples. Always explain how your nominee has achieved success. Do not use assertions such as “The nominee has worked throughout their career”; explain what the nominee has done with evidence. 
  • Remember to explain: who they are, what exactly they have done and why they are worthy of a Professional Teaching Award Cymru.
  • Don’t nominate the same person more than once in the same category. Multiple nominations will not change the outcome.

Key dates

  • 7 October 2021 - Award nominations open
  • 23 November 2021 - Award nominations close
  • June 2022 - Short-listed finalists announced
  • 10 July 2022 - The Awards Ceremony

Judging process

All finalists in each of the 10 categories are selected by a national panel of judges.

The judges will be representatives from the Professional Teaching Awards Cymru who will work with the four regional consortia to ensure that all nominations are given full consideration. 

Their role is to judge and score all of the entries using the agreed judging criteria.  Welsh Government will co-ordinate the process and ensure that judging teams will maintain fairness throughout. 

The panel of judges will meet to discuss the nominees and the shortlisted finalists will be announced in June 2022.

GDPR Privacy Notice

By submitting your nomination form you consent to our privacy notice.  There are two forms which refer to the nominee and the nominator.