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Professor David Lloyd

David is the Chairman of the Food and Drink Wales Industry Board.

David gained his degree from University College Cardiff. He began his career in the food industry in the laboratories of a major bakery based in Cardiff. He then worked in various parts of the UK for a variety of major food companies as Technical Director.

David has undertaken over 100 BRC food safety audits across several continents. He has experience of the difficulties of applying food safety systems within different cultures.

In his current role, David works closely with both the private sector and Welsh Government. He advises on issues affecting the sector, and has also influenced the Welsh Government’s Food Policy.

The Food Industry Centre links food academics with the food processing sector. They advise on a range of food related subjects including:

  • food safety
  • 3rd party accreditation
  • bacterial contamination
  • legislation
  • new product development
  • nutrition
  • efficient food factory design

The Food Industry Centre provides lecturers for the Hong Kong University’s franchised MSc in Food Safety and Quality. It also has links to university and food safety institutes across the globe, including:

  • The University of Cairo
  • IAFP
  • The University of Michigan  

Key areas for food safety research at the university are:

  • product decontamination, and
  • food safety culture change (looking at behavioural practices relating to food safety)

During his tenure as Director of the Food Industry Centre, the unit’s credits include:

  • delivering over 100 knowledge transfer programmes using food graduates in industry 
  • an increased turnover of £64,000,000 for local companies
  • creating over 400 jobs
  • launching over 250 new products to the major UK retailers