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This data collection is undertaken to inform and update the data we hold on projects supported as part of the programme. The information provided will be updated as part of our regular meetings with delivery partners.

The data collection should include all projects included as part of your strategic outline programme (SOP) for the Rolling Programme. This includes all projects due to be delivered as part of the programme.

We are also requesting that you include any Band A or B projects which are yet to be completed.

For projects which are under development, actual dates should be included where relevant.

The spreadsheet should be read in conjunction with this guidance to support completion and completed with as much information available at the time. It will be used and updated as a live document throughout the programme life and other grant funded projects may be added as requested by the Sustainable Communities for Learning team.

General information

Blue section requesting general information on proposed, and completed projects:

Project name: The name of the project should match up with the proposed Rolling Programme SOP, and thereafter SOP approval in principle, approval to proceed or grant award letter (whichever is most recent).

Programme: Select one of the following from the drop down:

  • Band A and B: only include projects which are yet to be completed.
  • Rolling Programme: all projects included within SOP.

Project type: select project type from the drop down menu. If other, please indicate in the comments/notes section.

Project description: Provide a brief overview of the project, noting the main components. An example is included in the spreadsheet and this should be less than 50 words.

Address and postcode: Include the address and postcode for the campus included as part of the project.

Senedd constituency and region: Select the Senedd Constituency and Region from the relevant drop downs.

Specific questions

Orange section contains specific questions relating to the projects:

Proposed site area: Include proposed site area for the project if known. If a site is yet to be determined, include required site area in accordance with the relevant building bulletin and include a note within the comments/notes section.

Proposed floor area: For new build schemes, include the floor area for the entire building. If building has not been designed, include required floor area in accordance with the relevant building bulletin. For refurbishment schemes, just include the proposed refurbishment area. For part-refurbishment part-new build, include the areas for the individual elements.

Total project cost: If the project has been approved at FBC then this should be the total project cost as per the grant award letter. If not approved, this should relate to the current approved SOP.

FEI funding %: Include the percentage local authority contribution to the project.

New Zero carbon level: Select net zero carbon level from the drop down. This applies to completed and proposed projects and should reflect the Sustainable Communities for Learning Programme guidance (Annex 16a: Net Zero carbon guidance). If other, please indicate in the comments/notes section. 

Overview of community/shared facilities: Provide an overview of the facilities which will be available for community use. This includes co-location of services.

Planning permission: Indicate whether planning permission is required for the project. If so, include the anticipated approval date.

Land purchase: Indicate whether a land purchase is required for the project. If so, include the anticipated completion date. If a land purchase has been completed for the project you should still indicate ‘Yes’ and include the actual completion date.

Proposed business case approval: Include the month you anticipate Panel will consider the relevant business cases required for the project. If FBC/BJC has been approved, include the actual dates the business cases were approved.

Proposed procurement approach: Select the procurement approach from the drop down. If other, please indicate in the comments/notes section.

Proposed contract award: Indicate the anticipated contract award date following tender. For two stage tenders, this would be the first stage appointment.

Appointed contractor: Indicate the appointed contractor if known. If unknown note TBD.

Proposed timescales: Indicate the proposed timescales for start onsite, building occupation and project completion. Project completion would include any external works.

Comments and notes

Section to add any additional notes or explanations relevant to the project. This should clarify any responses which indicate ‘other’ from the drop downs.