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How digital champions can help the public sector improve mobile and internet connectivity in Wales.

First published:
24 May 2024
Last updated:


We created the Barrier Busting Taskforce to remove barriers to delivering digital infrastructure.

The Barrier Busting Taskforce report recommends creating digital champions in the public sector.

What are digital champions

Digital champions are appointed to:

  • improve understanding of digital connectivity benefits
  • improve communications between mobile/broadband network providers and public bodies. 

There are two types of digital champions:

  • Infrastructure Digital Champion: acts as the main contact between public bodies and mobile/broadband network operators.
  • Community Digital Champion: helps residents and businesses understand their digital connectivity options.

Infrastructure Digital Champion

Good communication between network providers and local authorities is essential for delivering digital infrastructure. A single contact within public bodies for digital issues can support this.

A senior digital champion in each local authority would be the main contact for industry, government, and internal departments on digital infrastructure.

These champions manage enquiries from digital infrastructure providers across local authority departments, like highways and planning. They help solve issues that delay delivery and promote digital connectivity benefits within public bodies.

Community Digital Champion

Residents and businesses may lack knowledge about broadband and mobile connectivity. A network of community digital champions can address this.

Community digital champions work with local communities to:

  • explain broadband technologies and available options
  • advise on alternative technologies and support connectivity issues.

Benefits to local authorities

Digital champions help local authorities achieve their digital goals. They reduce barriers to infrastructure deployment, leading to faster, reliable broadband and better mobile coverage for residents and businesses.

Best practice resources

The Swansea Bay City Deal has digital champions in each local authority. Visit their website for details on roles and contacts. For more information, see: Swansea Bay City Deal: Meet Our Digital Champions 

To support best practice, Swansea Bay City Deal has made example job descriptions available: Public sector digital champions: example job descriptions