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Byelaw 30: catch limits

  1. No person shall take or land from any fishery within the District more than the specified amount of the species listed below in a calendar day, except in accordance with paragraph 2. All such fish must be landed on the same calendar day on which they were caught and may not be stored in any keep pot or similar device at sea.

    SpeciesMaximum daily quantity
    Lobsters (Homarus gammarus)2 individuals
    Crawfish (Palinurus elephas)1 individual

    Edible crabs (Cancer pagurus)

    Spider crabs (Maia squinado)

    Velvet crabs (Liocarcinus puber)

    combined total of 5 individuals

    Prawns (Pandalidae and


    1 kilogram
    Whelks (Buccinum undatum)5 kilograms
  2. This byelaw shall not apply to any person fishing from any fishing boat registered in accordance with the rule for the time being in force for the registration of a British sea fishing boat and holding a current fishing licence by the Government of England or Wales.

Byelaw 31: protection of v-notched lobsters

  1. This byelaw applies to any part of the District within a line drawn on the seaward side of the baselines six nautical miles from the baselines from which the breadth of the territorial sea adjacent to the United Kingdom is measured.
  2. For the purposes of this paragraph “the baselines” means the baselines as they existed at 25th January, 1983 in accordance with the Territorial Waters Order in Council 1964 (1965 III p.6452A) as amended by the Territorial Waters (Amendment) Order in Council 1979 (1979 II p.2866)
  3. No person shall fish for or take any lobster of the species Homarus gammarus that is V-notched with an indentation in the shape of the letter “V” in one or more of the five flaps of the tail fan, or otherwise marked in any way or mutilated in such a way that any of the five tail flaps of the tail are missing or mutilated in such manner as could hide or obliterate a V-notch or other marking.
  4. Any lobster so marked shall be returned immediately to the sea. 

Advisory Note:

Berried Lobsters and Crawfish (Definition: “A lobster or crawfish which is carrying eggs attached to its tail or some other exterior part, or which was carrying eggs at the time when it was caught”)

For conservation reasons it is advised that Berried Lobsters and Crawfish should always be returned to the sea immediately when caught.