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Estimates of economic activity within the countries of the UK and the nine English regions for July to September 2022.

GDP measures the value of goods and services produced in the UK. It estimates the size of and growth in the economy.

These are experimental statistics and should be treated with caution. The data can be volatile, and quarterly movements should normally be considered alongside the long-term trend.

Main points

Change over the shorter term

  • GDP in Wales decreased by 2.0% in July to September 2022 compared with the previous quarter (April to June 2022). This was driven by a decrease of 8% in the production sector in Wales.
  • Scotland saw a decrease of 0.3% over the same time period, whilst growth in England and Northern Ireland was unchanged.
  • For the UK as a whole, GDP decreased by 0.1%.
  • The production and services sectors saw decreases of 8.0% and 0.3% respectively, whilst the construction sector saw an increase of 0.7%.

Change over the longer term

  • GDP in Wales decreased by 2.1% in July to September 2022 compared with the same quarter the previous year. GDP for the UK increased by 2.0% over the same time period.
  • Scotland, England and Northern Ireland showed positive growth in GDP over the longer term. Scotland had the largest increase (2.6%) whilst Wales showed a decrease (2.1%).
  • The construction and services sectors showed growth of 1.2% and 1.9% respectively. The production sector showed a large decrease of 14.3%.


ONS have carried out planned revisions in this release, but these have been more substantial than anticipated. The revisions aligned the quarterly data to the new annual data recently published by ONS. Given the period of alignment covers 2020 which was heavily impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, and the surrounding uncertainty, the revisions have been larger than expected. 



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