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Meeting Summary

Welsh Government Standard Variable Social Housing Grant Model Presentation

The Board received presentation from Helga Warren, WG Implementation Manager, demonstrating the standard viability social housing grant model.

WG Update - WG Housing Safety, Regulation and Improvement Division Update

Jess Pearce, Deputy Director Housing Safety, Regulation and Improvement, provided an update on the work currently being undertaken within the division including the budget process. This covered current work on Building Safety, Decarbonisation, the revised Welsh Design Quality Requirement (DQR) and the Welsh Housing Quality Standards 2 (WHQS2).

Chair's Report

The Chair presented a written report on his activities, meetings and feedback since the last board meeting.

Regulation Update

The Board were updated on the current progress on the Regulation Teams work and were provided a draft Regulation Performance Assurance Report Mar 2020- Apr 21. RBW agreed to consider the draft as part of their annual report to the Minister.

RBW Annual Report

The Board discussed and agreed a process for drafting and agreeing their Annual Report to the Minister.