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WG Update - WG Housing Safety, Regulation and Improvement Division Update

Jess Pearce, Deputy Director Housing Safety, Regulation and Improvement, provided an update on the work currently being undertaken within the division. This covered current work on Building Safety and the decarbonisation optimised retrofit programme.

Chairs Report

The Chair presented a written report on his activities, meetings and feedback since the last board meeting.

Regulation Update

The Board were updated on the current progress on the Regulation Teams work reflecting on current issues and risks. RBW agreed to request the Welsh Government’s Homelessness policy team to provide a presentation to RBW on the impact/delivery of RSLs in combating homelessness.

RBW Annual Report

The Board discussed their draft report and agreed to discuss further revisions and bring a final draft to the next meeting.


Dr Robert Smith a member of RBW since 2016 was thanked for his service to the Board and the Regulatory Advisory Group on his retirement from the RBW in January 2022.