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Meeting Summary


Deep Sagar (Chair)
Huw Thomas
Jane Mudd


Jess Pearce
Ian Walters
Emma Williams
Ian Hibble (note taker)


Kevin Lawrence

Notes of previous meeting 17-12-2021

Notes of previous meeting agreed subject to amendments as discussed during the meeting.

WG Update - WG Housing Safety, Regulation and Improvement Division Update

Welsh Government officials gave an update on various on-going work streams including the RBW review currently underway which is taking longer than expected but should conclude soon, the publication of the housing conditions and disrepair feedback which had been well received by the sector, preparatory work on the WHQS 2 consultation which should commence in the Spring and the finalising of work to produce the Housing PACT between WG, CHC and WLGA.

Chairs Report

The Chair presented a written report on his activities, meetings and feedback since the last board meeting.

Regulation Update

The Board were updated on the current progress with the Regulation Teams work including the sector risk overview which should publish shortly and that the Transition Regulatory Review programme was progressing with first judgements due to be published by the end of March.

The Board agreed to discuss the sector risk overview in detail at the next meeting.

RBW Annual Report

The Board discussed a further iteration of the report and agreed further revisions before submission to the Minister.


Agreed the Board would be provided with periodic financial updates on spend against budget.