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Meeting Summary

RSL Finance Presentation

The Board received presentation from the regulation team which covered the topics of RSL funding for development, capacity to borrow additional funding, liquidity and reserves.

WG Update - WG Housing Safety, Regulation and Improvement Division Update

Jess Pearce, Deputy Director Housing Safety, Regulation and Improvement, provided an update on the new division and the new programme for government priorities which for housing, include second homes, homelessness, building safety and decarbonisation. The recent letter to the RSL sector on housing conditions and disrepair was also discussed.

Chairs Report

The Chair presented a written report on his activities, meetings and feedback since the last board meeting.

Regulation Update

The Board were updated on the current progress on the Regulation Teams work plan including interim judgement publications and the framework review.

Interim Judgement Process

The Board received a presentation form the regulation team outlining the process to formulate interim regulatory judgements including the evidence, scrutiny, triangulation and quality assurance to reach judgement decisions.