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Meeting Summary

WG Update - Covid/WG Housing Safety, Regulation and Improvement Division Update

Jess Pearce, Deputy Director Housing Safety, Regulation and Improvement, provided an update on the new division. From early July the division will include Welsh Housing Quality Standards (WHQS) and technical scrutiny teams. The new division will be looking for opportunities to share practice and synergies across its teams.

Planning day (13 April 2021)

The Board approved the notes and actions.

Chairs Report

The Chair provided his report. The board agreed to meet up to 6 times each year going forward and also discussed the agenda for the TPAS “Meet the RBW” webinar.

Regulatory Framework Review

The Board were updated on the current progress on the framework review and the piloting of the new regulatory assessment model. The board signalled it was supportive of the proposed revisions and a formal shortened consultation process.

Regulation Update

The Board considered a general update in the work of the Regulation team including an update on the Business Continuity Survey.  

Any other business

The Board considered a letter from two housing consultants advocating support for a national tenants body.