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Meeting Summary 

WG Update - Covid/WG Housing & Regeneration Update

Emma Williams gave a general update including an update on Welsh Government’s Housing & Regeneration ongoing response to the pandemic. Emma also updated the Board about the newly appointed Deputy Director for the new Housing Standards and Regulation Division.

Chairs Report

Doug Elliott was thanked for his significant contribution and support to the work of the Regulator and the RBW. Following a discussion around future RBW work, the Board agreed to arrange a planning/strategy workshop in April 2021.

Karen MacArthur’s resignation from the Board was noted.

Regulatory Framework Review

The Board were updated on the current progress on the framework review and the piloting of the new regulatory assessment model.

Regulation Work Plan

The Board considered the current and proposed Regulation work plan and priorities. A briefing on the new social housing grant funding arrangements would be provided to a future meeting and the Board would be seeking to meet the Community Housing Cymru (CHC) Board.

Board Communications and Regulatory Advisory Group (RAG) Update

External communications by RBW will be discussed in April 2021at the planning/strategy session. An update on the last RAG meeting in December 2020 was considered and the next meeting will be arranged shortly. Members of the Board would be attending the forthcoming CHC Governance Conference and referenced the Thought Leadership meeting held last year and are keen to see this programme progress with CHC.