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Rent Smart Wales handles the registration and licensing of landlords and letting agents.

First published:
15 March 2019
Last updated:

All landlords must register to rent a property and all letting agents must have a licence.

Landlords and letting agents

If you are a landlord or a letting agent who rent or manage accommodation, you need to have a licence.

Register with Rent Smart Wales

To get a licence for renting accommodation you need to register with Rent Smart Wales.

If you rent accommodation without a licence

It is illegal to rent or manage accommodation without a licence. If you do not register and receive a licence you may receive a fixed penalty, be taken to court or fined.


Rent Smart Wales provides services for tenants:

  • what to consider when renting a home
  • your rights
  • your responsibilities
  • check your landlord is registered
  • check your landlord is licensed
  • check your letting agent is licensed