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Terms of reference have been defined to ensure that the outcome of the review is focussed on the appropriate issues.

The review

The Parliamentary Review of Health and Social Care will:

  • Define the issues facing health and social care
  • Identify where change is needed and the case for change
  • Set out a vision for the future, to include health and social care moving forward together.
  • Look at developing primary care services out of hospitals.
  • Give advice on how to deliver change, building on the positive aspects of the current system.

Areas to be reviewed

The review will look at 6 areas across health and social care:

  • An analysis of the way things are now, including learning from previous studies.
  • Define what the future of health and social care could look like. Think about different delivery models, organisational issues and the citizen's perspective.
  • Metrics, systems, governance and pace of change
  • Workforce including culture, morale, education and training, rurality and Welsh language
  • Quality and safety including research & development, and innovation
  • Productivity including data and insight, digital, and finance