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Chair: Lynn Sloman (LS)

Welsh Government: Rob Kent-Smith (RKS), Matt Jones (MJ), Scott Walters (SW)

Transport for Wales: Natasha McCarthy (NMC)

Technical Support (Arcadis): Janice Hughes (JHU), Matt Fry (MF).


  • Julie Hunt (JH)
  • Glenn Lyons (GL)
  • Geoff Ogden (GO)
  • Andrew Potter (AP)
  • Helen Pye (HP)
  • Eurgain Powell (EP).


Welsh Government: Lindsay Baxendale (LB)

Panellists: John Parkin (JP)


Chair opened the meeting and led introductions of Panellists and Secretariat Team.

Context of review was provided by Secretariat. Llwybr Newydd, The Wales Transport Strategy (WTS) is the main policy driver for the review, notably the inclusion of new sustainable transport (mode) hierarchy. This informs wider work ongoing which includes development of Metro Objectives and Appraisals framework, National Transport Delivery Plan and WelTAG review, all with the purpose of aligning transport decision making and delivery with WTS.

Scope of the review

Chair led discussion covering the Terms of Reference for the Roads Review and list of proposal schemes within scope.

Secretariat provided wider context of existing Welsh Government appraisal processes for Panel to be cognisant of when undertaking review.

Interim report due within 3 months of panel establishment, which will include final list of schemes within scope of review. Final report to be published in summer 2022.

Developing the criteria for road scheme assessment

Chair lead initial discussion of how the Panel wish to frame the criteria for road scheme assessment, building on the terms of reference.

Notes from discussion to be considered by Chair and Technical Support Team to inform production of draft criteria for road scheme assessment.

Rapid review of Llanbedr scheme

Chair accepted request to undertake an expedited review Llanbedr access road within 4 weeks of appointment. Noted this would be treated as distinct from the main review. Given Panel will not have had sufficient time to develop full appraisal methodology will be structured around the following questions as set out in the Terms of Reference:

  1. Has sufficient consideration been given to non-transport solutions and solutions other than those increasing private car capacity on the road network?
  2. Has sufficient consideration been given to whether the road proposal will lead to increased CO2 emissions on the road network, or cause significant impediment to achievement of our decarbonisation targets?

Process for review of individual schemes

Chair led discussion to get Panel’s view on the information that they wish to see in order to review individual schemes.

Discussion held as to ways of working and how the Secretariat/Technical Support will help in assembling and processing the necessary information.

Approach to stakeholder engagement

Chair led introductory discussion on Panel’s approach to stakeholder engagement. The Panel wishes to ensure stakeholders including proponents and opponents of schemes, highways professionals are engaged.

Agreement that Secretariat/Technical Support Team will produce initial list of organisations for engagement to be endorsed by panel at future meeting.

Next meeting

The Panel will meet at least once a month. A summary meeting note will be taken and published for all meetings.

The Panel will meet again in late September.