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Chair: Lynn Sloman (LS)

Welsh Government: Rob Kent-Smith (RKS), Matt Jones (MJ), Scott Walters (SW)

Transport for Wales: Natasha McCarthy (NMC),

Technical Support (Arcadis): Janice Hughes (JHU), Matt Fry (MF).


  • Julie Hunt (JH)
  • Glenn Lyons (GL)
  • Geoff Ogden (GO)
  • John Parkin (JP)
  • Helen Pye (HP)
  • Eurgain Powell (EP).


  • Panellists: Andrew Potter (AP)
  • Welsh Government: Lea Beckerleg (LB)

Introductions and update from Secretariat

The secretariat gave an update on their recent activities.

Developing the criteria for roads review assessment

There was a discussion on the second draft of the roads review assessment criteria which have been updated following considered of all comments captured at Roads Review Panel Meeting No.2.

Stakeholder engagement

The Secretariat gave an update on stakeholder mapping work undertaken to date and Panel endorsed proposed stakeholder engagement plans. Stakeholders will be invited to subscribe for regular updates via the Welsh Government website.

Interim report

Discussion led by Secretariat to agree Interim Report Structure and Programme. Panel provided comments on report structure and agreed Secretariat will now start drafting basic text.

Rapid review of Llanbedr scheme

Chair confirmed final version of advice regarding the rapid review of the Llanbedr access road has been provided to the Deputy Minister for Climate Change.

Review of A40 and A55 schemes, and method for reviewing other schemes

Discussion held regarding proposed ways of working for the remaining schemes based on learnings from reviews to date. Refined process and programme to be provided at Roads Review Panel Meeting No.4.

A55 Junctions 15 and 16

Overview of initial reflections provided to panel members of application of draft criteria to A55 Junctions 15 and 16. Next steps will be for lead panellist to go away and produce a summary report of key considerations for Deputy Minister for Climate Change.

A40 Llandewi Velfrey to Redstone Cross

JH left meeting ahead of discussion to avoid conflict of interest.

Secretariat provided update that Deputy Minister for Climate Change appeared in front of the Climate Change and Economy Committee 20/10/2021 to confirm the scheme was too far advanced to cease and as such outside of the terms of reference, therefore there is no requirement for the panel to conduct a review.

Next meeting

The next meeting will be on Friday 12 November.