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Chair: Lynn Sloman (LS)

Welsh Government: Rob Kent-Smith (RKS), Matt Jones (MJ), 

Transport for Wales: Natasha McCarthy (NMC),

Technical Support (Arcadis): Janice Hughes (JHU), Matt Fry (MF).


  • Julie Hunt (JH)
  • Glenn Lyons (GL)
  • Geoff Ogden (GO)
  • John Parkin (JP)
  • Helen Pye (HP)
  • Andrew Potter (AP)
  • Eurgain Powell (EP)


Welsh Government:

  • Lea Beckerleg (LB)
  • Scott Walters (SW)

Introductions and update from Secretariat

Panel agreed record of previous meeting and the secretariat gave an update on their recent activities.

Panel discussed ongoing written communications received regarding rapid review recommendations and subsequent Welsh Government decision for the Llanbedr Access Road Improvements and Bypass. 

Review of individual schemes

Panel agreed approach to individual scheme reviews following finalisation of Initial Report which sets out full list of proposed schemes subject to review.

Panellists shared considerations following review of scheme documents and application of criteria. Points discussed in the meeting will be considered in terms of finalising the scheme review.

Instances where a road is the appropriate solution

Panel discussion led by Chair to answer question posed in Roads Review Terms of Reference regarding identification of appropriate circumstances in which expenditure of Welsh Government funds on roads should be undertaken.

Next meeting

The next meeting is scheduled Wednesday 12 January 2022.