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Chair: Lynn Sloman (LS)

Welsh Government: Rob Kent-Smith (RKS), Matt Jones (MJ)

Transport for Wales: Natasha McCarthy (NMC)

Technical Support (Arcadis): Janice Hughes (JHU), Matt Fry (MF).


  • Julie Hunt (JH)
  • Glenn Lyons (GL)
  • Geoff Ogden (GO)
  • John Parkin (JP)
  • Andrew Potter (AP)
  • Helen Pye (HP)
  • Eurgain Powell (EP).


  • Welsh Government:Scott Walters (SW)


Chair opened the meeting. Discussion held with Roads Review Panel to agree record of Roads Review Panel Meeting No.1.

Existing and emerging Welsh Government policies and appraisal processes

Secretariat led discussion covering existing and emerging Welsh Government policies and appraisal processes including discussion led by secretariat covering:

  • WelTAG review currently being led by WG.
  • Emerging new Objectives and Appraisal Criteria for WG’s investment in the ‘Metros’ (i.e. regional transport infrastructure investment in SE, West and North Wales).
  • Net Zero Wales position including expected priorities.
  • Llwybr Newydd, The Wales Transport Strategy. 
  • Default 20mph Speed Limit Implementation

Data on individual schemes

Secretariat provided an update on collation and dissemination of information pertaining to schemes within the agreed scope of the Roads Review.

The Panel discussed the baseline data requirements for schemes within the scope of the review. Data gathering will continue to be led by Secretariat.

Discussion on which schemes are “in scope”

Verbal update from Secretariat regarding WG response to Panel request to widen scope of review in some areas.

Secretariat provided clarification of current status of A40 Llanddewi Velfrey to Redstone Cross and its suitability to be considered within the scope of the Roads Review following contacts made with Panel and Chair.

Stakeholder engagement

The Secretariat gave an update on stakeholder mapping work undertaken to date and discussed initial plans for stakeholder engagement.

Stakeholder engagement plans for the next few months include mapping key organisation, engagement with scheme promoters, and site visits where practicable. Chair noted particular value in site visit to Llanbedr when considering recommendation for the scheme.

Developing the criteria for roads review assessment

There was a discussion on the first draft of the roads review assessment criteria. Approach had been structured to bring together the WTS priorities and WelTAG process.

Rapid review of Llanbedr scheme

Chair provided a progress update on the rapid review of the Llanbedr A496 Access Scheme.

Helen Pye did not participate in discussion on Llanbedr scheme due to conflicting role of Snowdonia National Park.

Next meeting

The next meeting will be on Wednesday 20 October.