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Projects with a 30 June 2023 financial end date

All projects with a last financial claim of 30 June 2023 are expected to have incurred all eligible project expenditure by this date and submit their final claim by no later than 7 July 2023.

If you have a claim profiled for June 2023, Rural Payments Wales (RPW) will invite your claim before 12 June to allow you time to submit your final claim by 7 July 2023. 

If you have more than one claim available (in status of Invited), we recommend you submit the June claim and contact RPW for the older claim(s) to be superseded.

Expenditure register and competitive tendering records

Please remember to submit your projects competitive tendering information to RPW, via WEFO Online, for approval prior to submitting your claim.

For project items over £500 and under £5,000:

  • submit a competitive tendering record for expenditure approval.

For project items over £5,000:

  • submit a Competitive Tendering record for expenditure approval.
  • submit supporting evidence i.e. copies of 3 quotes obtained.

The Competitive Tendering Records can be found at Rural Development Programme 2014 to 2020: competitive tendering and public procurement record templates.

Project ‘in-situ’ inspection

Rural Payments Wales (RPW) is required to carry out an ‘in-situ’ inspection of all projects before the final payment can be released.

The inspection will verify:

  • that claimed items are in place.
  • evidence of project expenditure, where appropriate,
  • the outputs and indicators for your project have been met, and
  • contractual special conditions have been completed.

Projects being run under the Sustainable Management Scheme (SMS) will need to provide maps showing the location of works.

Co-operation and Supply Chain Development Scheme (CSCD) projects will need to provide evaluation reports.

To help reduce the time needed for the inspection and avoid delays with your final payment we ask that you start to gather such information in advance of the inspection. 

If you have not received a letter already, you will shortly receive a letter in advance of the inspection which provides more details regarding the information and evidence that will need to be submitted and/or presented at inspection.

Project queries

All enquiries should be directed to: 

  • the RPW Customer Contact Centre, or 
  • your secure RPW online account

If you are unable to access your RPW online account, please contact the RPW Customer Contact Centre immediately.

Customer Contact Centre

Our RPW Customer Contact Centre telephone service is operating as follows:


Opening hours

Monday to Friday

9am to 4pm

Where possible, routine project enquiries or requests should be submitted via the RPW online account which is available 24 hours a day.