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How to submit a request for a direction to the Welsh Ministers.

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First published:
27 October 2022
Last updated:


If an authority has not decided a Rights of Way application within 12 months of receiving it, the applicant may, under Schedule 14, paragraph 3(2) to the Wildlife & Countryside At 1981, submit a Request for a Direction to the Welsh Ministers. The Welsh Ministers may, after consulting the authority, direct that the application be determined within a specified period but are not obliged to give such a direction.

If the Welsh Ministers decide not to give a direction it is open to the applicant to make a further application for a direction later if the authority continues to fail to make a decision on the application.

  1. When a Request is received by Planning and Environment Decisions Wales (PEDW), the Request is acknowledged
  2. A letter is then sent to the Council concerned, requesting, within 14 days, its reasons for not determining the application during the 12 month period.
  3. Once the response from the Council has been received, the reasons for non-determination are evaluated and a decision is issued to the applicant with a copy of the letter sent to the Council for information.