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Find out about school uniform exchange and recycling schemes in Wales.

First published:
19 June 2023
Last updated:


Second-hand school uniforms can benefit all parents and carers, particularly those on low incomes or with large families. In addition, by extending the life of garments, schools can encourage sustainability and its wider environmental benefits.

The 'School uniform and appearance: policy guidance for governing bodies' states that schools should have recycling and exchange schemes in place. There are different types of exchange and recycling schemes available.

School exchange and recycling schemes (run by school staff, parent teacher association (PTA) or volunteers)

Donated uniform is either available upon request in a dedicated place (for example the school office at any time) or at certain set times during an academic year (for example at a school event, on INSET days or at a dedicated school uniform exchange fayre).

In some cases, uniform packs containing one of each item of uniform are prepared and offered to new starters.

An example of schemes like this include the one at St Michael’s Catholic Primary School, Treforest.

Community-based exchange and recycling schemes

A community space is used within the wider community, working with local schools, to collect and store a range of uniform which is then made available for families to access throughout the year.

Examples of initiatives of this kind include Caerphilly Uniform ExchangeA Better Fit and Llandrindod Uniform Exchange.

Online exchange and recycling schemes

Where a school signs up to a dedicated website offering second-hand uniforms, schools would normally communicate and promote this to families via the school website, newsletters and the school messaging service.

The Welsh Government has received offers of support from some online schemes including Grown out of it and BubbleXchange but other pre-loved school uniform sites are available.